We are happy to present our 2018-19 WSS committee. 

Casie is a third year medical student. Her interests include global surgery, trauma/orthopedics, and military medicine. 


She's from Oceanside, California, and has a background in art, engineering, and public health; as well as 9 years of active service with the US Marine Corps.

Casie Sweeney


Gabrielle's role entails organising meetings, recording minutes and generally being available to help out with events. Coming from a background in NGOs, she is very keen to work in the developing world in the future, especially in war-torn areas and those facing natural or human-made disasters.


Her main interest is in trauma as an emerging discipline in this country, incorporating T&O, vascular, neuro- and plastic surgery. Currently, she is involved in two research projects, one with a clinical anatomy focus and the other with a vulnerable community focus. Gabrielle is a very keen teacher and enjoy taking part in the Anatomy Days and Physiology Days ran at the university.

Gabrielle Harrison

Vice President

Admin & Finance

Nori is a third year with a biomedical background. 

In the committee his role is the admin and finance chair of the committee, which is as descriptive as it sounds but organises the meetings and memberships as well as the finances.


Although not well-versed in surgical specialities and limited in what he's seen, Nori feels most interested in neurosurgery. He has enjoyed teaching at anatomy days and hoping to improve his teaching throughout the year. 

Nori Kawamoto

Admin & Finance Chair 

Tehreem is part of the finance and admin team in the surgical society. She has a biochemist background, however through medical school has begun to be fascinated by anatomy and surgery. She is particularly interested in the neuroanatomy and hopes to pursue a career in it. Being part of surgical society means that she works with like-minded people that share her enthusiasm for surgery.


In Tehreem's free time she likes to travel and listen to music. She is also a avid painter and cooking enthusiast.

Tehreem Khan

Finance & Admin Subcommittee

Practical Skills

Jess is a third year student. Her role includes practical skill event organising, such as suturing events, venepuncture & cannulation practice.

She is interested in trauma/plastics/GI/ENT (quite a variety!) and would like to do her FP in London.

Jess Rayer

Practical Skills Chair

James is a second year medical student and on the practical skills sub-committee. He has a huge interest in the application of new technologies in medicine and surgery, in particular the development of AI and robot assisted surgery.


As part of the practical skills committee, he will be helping to run practical skills teaching such as the suturing workshops and other hands on experiences.

James Shannon

Practical Skills Subcommittee

Carolyn is a first-year medical student at Warwick, coming from a background in postgraduate Clinical Neuroscience.


She has  held a life-long interest in surgery, with specific interest in Orthopedics and Trauma.'

Carolyn Cunningham

Practical Skills Subcommittee


Zoe is a second year medical student and in charge of publicity in the society. Her role is to promote events and ensure the society's website and social media are kept up to date. She is also a communication point between the society and medical students.

Zoe has a background in anatomy, which has led to a strong interest in surgery, particularly cardiothoracics, obstetrics & gynaecology, plastic surgery and trauma & orthopaedics (so nearly everything!) Even if she does not follow a surgical career, Zoe hopes to be involved in anatomical research to advance surgery in these fields. 

Zoe Pringle

Publicity Chair

Ollie is a graduate in Cellular & Molecular Biology from Newcastle University and is exploring an interest in neurosurgery and medical education.


He is one of the Publicity Officers for Surgical Society this year.

Ollie Burton

Publicity Subcommittee


Jonny is a third year medical student and events chair for thew surgical society. He has a keen interest for surgery; in particular Trauma and Orthopaedics.


Previously, he worked in events and app development before coming back to Warwick to study medicine.

Jonathon Kaberry

Events Chair

Mark is a second year medical student on the events subcommittee. His undergraduate degree was in Sports & Exercise Science, which first sparked his interest in anatomy.


Last year, he particularly enjoyed the anatomy teaching and anything trauma related so is currently looking to pursue a career in surgery in the British Army. You'll see him at the anatomy days and any of the other events held by SurgSoc!

Mark Pennington

Events Subcommittee

Ferogh Ishan

Events Subcommittee

Ferogh is a second year medical student. Her role as part of the Events Committee is to help organise all the great range of events Surg Soc has to offer. These include anatomy days, suturing workshops, conferences and seminars.


Before coming to Warwick, she studied Chemistry and believes this experience initially made her quite a practical-orientated person. She still has quite a broad outlook on her future speciality, surgery is definitely high up there! It is a very practical field and it has a lot of emphasis on anatomy, which is one of her favourite areas in medicine. She is very excited to be part of the team and looking forward to helping to increase student participation in surgery. 

Qudsia Hussain

Events Subcommittee

Qudsia is a second year medical student at Warwick Medical School. She previously studied Chemistry. This year, she will be one of the events coordinators.


In her first year, she really enjoyed the events put on by the surgical society and found the anatomy days invaluable. She has an interest in surgery and will be working with the team to help organise the fantastic events put on by WMS Surgical Society. She hopes she will be able to encourage more students to consider surgery as a career.

Sheryl is a first year MBChB student, her background is in Biomedicine from Cardiff University.


Having worked as a TSW, she is very interested in pursuing a career in surgery. Currently, she likes the idea of paediatrics but since she is only first year that could definitely change!

Sheryl Higham

Events Subcommittee


Ross is a fourth year medical student and has been part of Warwick Surgical Society since his first year. This year, his role is to support the society in whatever way needed, before starting his final year exams.


He has a particular interest in anatomy and research and hopes to bring opportunities to our members in both aspects. He is an aspiring Head and Neck surgeon.

Ross Obukofe

Innovation Co-Chair

Rob is a fourth year medical student and in addition to Ross, helps with anything needed on the society such as running events.

Currently, he is interested in Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery, and is particularly keen on a career that involves research and teaching as well as clinical practice.

Rob Stroud

Innovation Co-Chair


Medical Teaching Centre, Coventry CV4 7AL, UK